• Fulfillment through connection and adventure.

    The first Women’s Club to Harness the Outdoors to Transform Self-Doubt into Confidence


The mission of Get Out There Girl is to:
  • Empower women through adventure, self-compassion, and making connections
  • Help women rediscover their worth while adventuring out in nature
  • We do this by providing self-education, outdoor retreats, experiences, activities and a support community
  • We know we are successful each time we see a woman come alive and recognize her worth during a retreat



Do you long to be accepted by yourself and others? Do you recognize the power of being out in nature? Do you want to create a life you love and reach your full potential? Join our community of women who are all seeking for the same things.
GOTG is a tribe of women who seek to connect through adventure, learn self-compassion, and support each other through life’s journey. GOTG helps women feel alive and valuable. Worthy and loved. Our recipe for success is adventure + self compassion education + connecting with others = Empowerment


Self compassion will help you navigate anxiety, self judgement, insecurity and depression.

  • Replace harsh self-judgements with self compassion
  • Break free of impossible standards
  • Cultivate emotional resiliency and handle difficult emotions
  • Add exercises and tools to your day to practice healthy mentality
  • Make action plans for dealing with everyday emotional struggles
  • See your weaknesses as opportunities
  • Learn how self compassion can help your family, not just you
  • Give you skills to replace the negative inner voice – skills you can teach your family
  • Learn tools that will help you overcome perfectionism and self-negativity
  • Find motivation to be the person you want to be



Each GOTG retreat is designed to help women gain valuable experiences that enhance their ability to face their fears, overcome their trails, connect with others and ultimately recognize their own incredible worth.

Come feel alive and fuel your mental health with tools that change you from the inside out. Get out in nature, speak kindly to yourself and meet other women who value friendship and authenticity. 


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Brittany Crane
Get Out There Girl Founder

A couple of years ago I had an experience that reminded me that I had one life and I needed to live it. I started doing things I loved more. I stopped telling myself no and making up excuses for why I shouldn’t do things for me. Doing things I loved made me feel alive. It helped me be present and live mindfully. I really started thriving at life. I’m a better wife, mother and person because of self compassion, adventure and the connections I make with others.